Wedding Photography

Being a Hawaii wedding photographer is a dream come true! After having our own wedding we wanted to be a part of it again and again so we decided we’d start our own studio to capture this amazing feeling for other people. If you’ve been looking around you’ve probably realized there are a ton of wedding photographers in Hawaii but from the beginning what has always set us apart is the fact that we are constantly striving to give our couples the best experience ever. We achieve this simply by truly caring for our couples—from warm cookies at every meeting to answering any wedding questions—regardless of if they’re related to photography or not—our couples know they can count on us! A popular compliment we’ve been given from our couples is that we were the most responsive wedding vendor they had! Besides this we offer gorgeous products from premium albums to prints for your home since we believe your wedding photos don’t belong trapped on the computer but instead displayed for you to enjoy everyday.


You may be wondering what exactly a wedding photographer does on a wedding day so we can definitely go over this!


When we arrive we normally begin by taking photos of all the little details. These are things you chose to wear on your wedding day so we’re sure you put a lot of thought in to them. To us that means they deserve to be photographed! After this we shoot each partner getting dressed. From zipping up dresses to tying ties this is a great time for your parents of wedding party to get involved. Although you’ll probably have more photos with them through out the day this is a great chance for more intimate, candid photos with them.


Next, if you are having a first look it’ll normally happen at this point in the day. A first look is when the couple decides to ditch tradition and see each other before their ceremony. We will capture this as it unfolds giving you a moment to just be together without interruption. Once you’re ready we will normally capture photos of the two of you together. At this point in the day you can trust us to fully pose you two, from the top of your heads to the tips of your toes, so you don’t have to think about anything!


After studying the art of posing for years we pride ourselves in the fact that we can always flatter our couples and make them look amazing!

After this we always give our couples a break to hide and freshen up before their guests begin to arrive for their ceremony. During this time we capture detail photos of your ceremony site. We know so much thought and attention to detail went in to each ceremony site but often amidst all the love and excitement, sometimes the little things you worked so hard on go unnoticed when you are caught up in the moment. This is why we always try to capture it before anyone is seated, so that you can look back at what all your hard work turned out like. During your ceremony we silently walk around capturing different angles of what is unfolding.


After you are announced husband and wife we normally take advantage of the fact that all of your guests are in the one place and do family photos with whichever groups you desire. After these are done we will capture photos of your wedding party! We start with big group poses including everyone and then normally our first and second shooters will split up so they can capture both sides of the entourage simultaneously.


If we have time or if you didn’t have a first look more couple photos will be taken at this point. After this it’s time to party and while you’re preparing for your grand entrance we try to capture your reception details for all the same reasons we capture your ceremony site before anyone arrives. Once your reception begins we will blend in to the background as we capture everything happen, this way you can look back on all the fun you had!


With hundreds of events under our belt you can absolutely trust us as one of the top Hawaii Wedding Photographers to capture your story in a way you’ll cherish forever!