Lara + Kapu | 03.28.15 | Shriners Beach Club | Papailoa

Lara + Kapu | 03.28.15 | Shriners Beach Club | Papailoa

Lara + Kapu live in California, but wanted to celebrate their marriage with friends and family in Hawaii.  They had a simple wedding at Shriners Beach Club in Waimanalo, and one of the most important things to them was to just spend time with their loved ones.  A few days after the wedding we were able to have a post bridal session with the newlyweds before they flew back to the mainland.  We these two a very happy life together!

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Ceremony Venue: Shriners Beach Club

Reception Venue: Shriners Beach Club

Hair & Make-up: Nadia Gutierrez

Officiant: Shon Kihewa

Floral Design: Darryn & Dana Kamanu, and Rocky Kalilimoku

Cake: Liliha Bakery

Music: Eric Ho & Co.

Catering: Fred & Rocky Kalilimoku

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