Tien + Matt | Kaniakapupu | Judd Trail

Tien + Matt | Kaniakapupu | Judd Trail

Tien + Matt had wanted something different and unique for their engagement session.  When our couples give us free reign to express our creativity, sometimes they don’t always know what they are getting themselves into!  We took Tien and Matt trudging through the mud, had them crossing a river, and to top it off, they were both covered in mosquito bites by the end of this!  But totally worth it, right?

hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien1 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien2 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien3 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien4 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien5 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien6 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien7 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien8 hawaii_engagement_photographer_vividfotos_kaniakapupu_judd_trail_tien9

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