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Love Story + Save The Date

Getting to be wedding videographers in Hawaii is something we are so grateful for!


We love capturing couples stories in a beautiful way. From there we edit it all together to tell the story of each couples unique wedding day! Although wedding photography is super important wedding videography does have aspects that photos alone can’t achieve. One huge example of this is: sound. Having the ability to hear your spouses voice crack as they say their vows or listen to your dads heartfelt speech all over again is something you’ll cherish once your wedding day is long past. Besides, this the subtle movements and tendencies you share as a couple are often missed in still photos but flourish in the video format.


When you begin your search for wedding videography in Hawaii you’ll come across a few terms. We’ll go over what these are so you understand each one and can decide exactly what’s right for you! Let’s start with a common pre-wedding videography term: Love Story Video. A love story video is normally an interview style video where each partner tells their side of the story of how they met privately—that way they can’t hear what the other is saying. Often their answers for each question will be edited back and forth to show the similarities and differences of how each of them viewed those scenarios. Other questions couples are commonly asked in these videos are about things like what happened on their first date or when they knew their spouse was the one. Along with the interview portion there are normally creative and romantic shots played between or over some of the talking.


Now that we got this one out of the way we can get to the wedding day terms! We’ll start with Documentary Edits. These are commonly offered for your full ceremony or reception program. These usually consist of multiple camera angles edited together to show everything that happened from start to finish. This means if there’s any music playing as you walk down the aisle you’ll be able to hear that along with your full vows and everything your officiant says! Similarly for your reception you’ll hear your song as your doing your first dance and be able to hear all the full speeches your loved ones give.


Now for the more creative wedding videos! We’ll start with a highlight film. This type of video totally got its name for a reason as it includes some of the best clips from the whole day edited creatively to music to highlight the couples special day. These clips normally include footage from getting ready through the reception program. Often times chunks of the couples vows or special speeches will be played over the music to add to the story telling aspect of the video.


Lastly, we’ll go over Same Day Edits! These are pretty similar to highlight films in the fact that it’s a creative edit jumping back and forth from different parts of the day to tell the couples wedding day story. These are also edited to music and are normally about the length of one song. The coolest part about this one is that it’s actually played on your wedding day! Normally they are played toward the end of your reception program and recap the day from getting ready through the first dance! As you can imagine these are always a hit for the guests and are super special for our couples as well since the day often flies by so quickly.


Based out of Oahu, Hawaii the locations we serve include Big Island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, and Kauai.