Joana + Jordan | 09.16.17 | Hale Koa Hotel

Joana + Jordan are an adorable couple that we had the pleasure to capture photo and cinema memories

Janice + Ronnie | 09.03.17 | Hilton Hawaiian Village Akala Chapel | Hale Koa Hotel

Janice + Ronnie are a pair of high school sweethearts who tied the knot in early September. They

Kayi + Kevin | 05.28.17 | Prince Waikiki

Kayi + Kevin got hitched at the beautiful Hawaii Prince Hotel. The ceremony ended with an abundance

Brandy + Victor | 11.12.16 | Halekulani

Brandy + Victor were married at the Halekulani in November. They began their day with a Chinese tea

Cherish + Keoni | 08.01.15 | Hilton Hawaiian Village

Cherish and Keoni had met when Cherish was a senior is high school and, he was her Senior Prom date.

Julia + Zach | 12.20.14 | Harbor View Center

Julia + Zach have had a long-distance relationship for years, with Julia living on Kauai, and Zach

Anna + Chris | 10.18.14| St. Elizabeth Church | Hawaii Prince Hotel

Anna + Chris are two of the sweetest, most caring people you could ever hope to meet!  They both