Balbino’s Birthday Celebration | Hy’s Steakhouse

Yesterday was the hubby's birthday and we had dinner at Hy's Steakhouse in Waikiki to celebrate!  He

Disney Aulani

We celebrated our niece Clara's 2nd Birthday by staying at the Aulani.  It was quite an experience!

San Francisco Culinary Experience: Gary Danko

I am currently in San Francisco (without Balbino) on a family trip with my mom and brother.  The

Valentine’s Dinner at the beachhouse at the moana

Last night Balbino and I celebrated Valentine's Day at the beachhouse at the moana--my old stomping

Lanikai Pillbox

It was a nice clear day for hiking.  It was a my first time at the pillboxes but I've read about it.


The Pug Meetup at the Beachfront Estate Mel and I were looking forward to this meetup all year!


Mel and I decided that we would try somewhere new to eat.  We were actually set on going to Raging

Mel vs. Food

Hi everyone, this is Melissa, the main writer's other half, guest blogging today. Recently I have

A day at the Honolulu Zoo

Holidays are usually a great opportunity for family excursions. Today’s location was the Honolulu